We provide

We take care of all types and models of vehicles:
  • passenger and off-road vehicles,
  • buses and vans,
  • trucks,
  • city and tourist buses,
  • special vehicles (bank and armour-plated vehicles),
  • rail vehicles (locomotives, carriages).


Our product catalogue comprises over 35.000 items:
  • windscreen in all variants and colours,
  • heated and unheated rear car windows,
  • side windows.


Car glass – selection

We are the only company on the market that swiftly reacts to any innovations in the automotive industry. As a result, we can provide all kinds of car glass that fit the latest models.


Our selection also comprises gaskets, grips, clips, car chemicals, car tuning foil, and tools used for professional assembly of car windows.


We assemble all the car glass and accessories in our Customers' cars. Our specialists provide services in many authorized establishments and car service stations – their professionalism has been well appreciated.


We also provide off-site services to the Customer's designated location and we are available 24/7.