Assembly of car windows

The assembly of car windows

Two factors are key when it comes to the car windows assembly: the service skills of the car glass assemblers and the chemicals for cars used.


Our assemblers constantly perfect their skills to flawlessly perform any task.


We only use the best products – we are one of few companies in Poland to use Dow Automotive solutions (adhesives with BETASEAL™ components, used by leading car factories in car windows assembly on the production line).


Because of that, we do not hesitate to offer guarantee for our services.


Window repair (chips)

Every driver has experienced a situation when a small stone thrown from under the wheels of another vehicle hits the windscreen. Crack! There is now a puncture in our car glass. This chip will soon cause a further crack, usually when you least expect it.


CAR GLASS's network of services (we are in almost 200 towns in Poland) verifies your windscreen damage and – if the chip/crack can be repaired – will save your car window within 30 minutes.



Here are the benefits:

  1. Timesaving – the window repair is far quicker than replacing a window;
  2. Cost-effective – such a service is far cheaper than a new window;
  3. Your car will still have the pre-installed window, gaskets and strips;
  4. The repaired window will pass the technical inspection;
  5. The durability of the repaired window does not change in a significant way, and all its functions are retained;
  6. The Customer's insurer is happy and the Customer will not be punished with the loss of discounts.